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May 23, 2020
From 6 PM to 7:30 PM

Location Online (Paris Time Zone)

Join me for a Champagne Brunch or Happy Hour and learn about the do's and dont's when pairing food with champagne. Open to Delectabulles members and non-members.

Pairing Champagne and Food - Webinar - Saturday

Pairing Champagne and Food - Webinar - Saturday

Champagne is mostly known as a celebratory wine served to mark special occasions, but it is also a very food-friendly wine. Sommeliers and chefs love working together to pair champagne with main courses, even spicy Indian dishes! But… not all types of champagnes pair well with all types of foods. You wouldn’t want to serve a bone dry champagne with sweet wedding cake for example. It would leave a very bitter taste in your mouth.


This comprehensive webinar is designed for champagne-lovers and foodies. It starts with a short introduction to explain why champagne is such a food-friendly wine, then dives deep into the factors that influence the taste profile of a champagne. We will explore:

  • the diverse terroirs
  • the characteristics of the grape varieties
  • the type of vessel used to ferment the wine 
  • the concept of reserve wine 
  • the influence of time spent ageing
  • the critical phase of sugar dosage 


We will finish the webinar by sharing some recommendations of great champagne and food pairings to try. We want to give you the tools to explore your senses and undertake your own experiments pairing champagne with food.


You don’t have to pop open a bottle of champagne to benefit from the chat, but it will make the session more interactive, and certainly cheer you up! If you do decide to pour yourself a glass of bubbly during our session, upon registration you will receive a list of optional of foods you could try with your champagne.


I will be using Zoom to host the online video chats. If you have never used Zoom before, don’t worry, it is simple as pie. When you register for the session you will receive a link to join online at the given time. You just need to follow the simple instructions to download and run Zoom a few minutes before the session starts. If you are nervous about it, I am happy to do a test run with you whenever suits you best.


Duration:  1.5 hours

Cost: 10€ for Delectabulles members and 15€ for non-members

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