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October 04, 2019
From 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Location Tanya Heath Shoes22, rue du Dragon75006, Paris

Back by popular demand! Special guest this month: Tanya Heath is a fellow Canadian living in Paris. She invented shoes with interchangeable heels! Come meet her and other like-minded women and taste 4 different pink sparkling wines made by women. Learn the difference between a rosé d'assemblage and a rosé de saignée. And feast on food that goes well with pink champagne. Open to Delectabulles members and non-members.


Pink Champagne Evening

Pink Champagne Evening

Join a group of like-minded women in a networking tasting event led by a certified wine expert.

You will meet very interesting women and taste 4 different rosé champagnes made by women that illustrate the different types of grapes, terroirs and wine-making techniques.

A generous buffet of yummy charcuteries and cheeses will be served and paired with the wines.

Special guest this month: Tanya Heath. She is a fellow Canadian living in Paris. She makes awesome shoes with interchangeable heels! You can run around with the short heels during the day, and clip on the high heels at night. You can visit her website to find out more:




Location: Tanya Heath Shoe Lab, 22 rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris

When: 19:30 - 22:30

Cost: 50€ for non-members and 40€ for Delectabulles members

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