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Le 09 juin 2023
De 17h à 20h

Lieu Place du Commerce, 75015 Paris75015, Paris
If you are new to Paris, just visiting, or want to catch up with some friends in a safe environment, why not try two very French activities at the same time? Come sip champagne AND play pétanque!

Bulles et Boules

Bulles et Boules

If you are new to Paris, visiting, or want to catch up with some friends in a safe environment, why not come sip champagne and play pétanque (bocce balls)?


I host this fun champagne workshop in a privatised section of the pétanque area at the back of Square Yvette Chauviré (right outside exit of metro Commerce) in the 15th arrondissement. All levels are welcome.


I supply the pétanque balls and explain the rules of the game. If we are lucky, a member of the pétanque club will volunteer to give you some tips!


I will of course bring delicious champagnes and explain what you are drinking. You will learn about the women behind the bottles, how these champagnes were made, and what makes them special. I will bring proper glasses and yummy foods that pair well with champagne so don't eat before you come! 


Between throwing your pétanque balls and cheering for your team members, I will also give you tips about serving, storing and buying champagne. I will also explain why champagne is such a food-friendly wine. You will become a pétanque pro AND a champagne pro!


Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 65€ for Delectabulles members, 75€ for non-members. Covers cost of privatisation of the pitch, use of the pétanque balls, champagne, food and instruction. The number of bottles of champagne you will taste will depend on the number of participants. Don't worry, I am always generous. 

Who: Registration is limited to 8 participants per session. Both men and women are welcome, but men need to be accompanied by a woman.


Watch this short video to find out more about the history of the pétanque game.

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