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List of champagnes recommended by Delectabulles

People often ask me: "What is your favourite champagne?". I always answer: "I don't have a favourite champagne!". That said, when I know the woman who made the champagne, or the history of the House, it makes the champagne taste even better. So does sharing the bottle with someone I like. If I am sharing it with someone nasty, no matter how technically good the champagne is, it always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Here is a list of champagne houses/producers that have a soft spot in my heart because women play an important role there.

Jeanne Krug: Women in the History of Champagne

At the beginning of WWI, Joseph Krug II was drafted and sent to the front. While the men were away fighting the war, and with only a skeleton of staff remaining, Jeanne took over the management of the Krug champagne house. She oversaw the harvests and the production of champagne from 1914-1917.

Champagne: Land of Bubbles and Resilience

Le champagne is a celebratory wine that marks special occasions, brings joy, represents elegance, and the finer things in life. When you think of le champagne, you think of happy times. Ironically, la Champagne is a region that is known for its harsh weather and bloody history. From the Romans who invaded Gaul at the beginning of the 1st century, to the Nazis who pillaged the cellars in the 20th century, many a soldier has marched through the Champagne hillsides during the last 2000 years. Learning about the history of the region has helped me understand and respect its people, and its wine, even more. 

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