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List of champagnes recommended by Delectabulles

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People often ask me: "What is your favourite champagne?". I always answer: "I don't have a favourite champagne!". That said, when I know the woman who made the champagne, or the history of the House, it makes the champagne taste even better. So does sharing the bottle with someone I like. If I am sharing it with someone nasty, no matter how technically good the champagne is, it always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Here is a list of champagne houses/producers that have a soft spot in my heart because women play an important role there. The list will make more sense if you attend one of my events!


1 - Champagnes used regularly by Delectabulles

  • Champagne Veuve Olivier et Fils
  • Champagne Albert Beerens
  • Champagne AR Lenoble
  • Champagne Sabine Godmé
  • Champagne BLIV

Note: the champagnes above are difficult to find outside of France, except for AR Lenoble


2 - Members of La Transmission

  • Champagne AR Lenoble
  • Champagne Boizel
  • Champagne Claude Cazals
  • Champagne Drappier
  • Champagne Philippe Gonet
  • Champagne Krug
  • Champagne Bruno Paillard
  • Champagne Tarlant
  • Champagne Taittinger


3 - Members of Fa’Bulleuses

  • Champagne Beaugrand
  • Champagne De Sousa
  • Champagne Mary Sessile
  • Champagne Baillette-Prudhomme
  • Champagne Guy Méa
  • Champagne Bonnevie Bocart

Note: the champagnes above are difficult to find outside of France, except for De Sousa


4 - Houses with female cellar masters

  • Ayala: Caroline Latrive
  • Chanoine Tsarine: Isabelle Tellier
  • Charles Lafitte: Celine Gasco
  • de Castelnau: Elisabeth Sarcelet
  • de Venoge: Isabelle Tellier
  • Duval Leroy: Sandrine Logette-Jardin
  • Eugene Ralle: Nathalie Arnould
  • Gardet: Stephanie Sucheyre
  • Hernri Abelé: Véronique Blin and Marie Gicquel
  • Henriot: Alice Tétienne
  • J. de Telmont: Charlotte Eschbach
  • Joseph Perrier: Nathalie Laplaige
  • Krug: Julie Cavil
  • Perrier-Jouët: Séverine Frerson
  • Ployez-Jacquemart: Laurence Ployez


5 - History of Champagne

  • Veuve Clicquot
  • Pommery
  • Laurent-Perrier
  • Henriot
  • Krug
  • Roederer
  • Bollinger
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