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Jun 12, 2021
From 7 PM to 10 PM

Location 75015, Paris

This is a private booking for a small group of friends.


Champagne Masterclass - Private Group

Champagne Masterclass - Private Group

Everything you wanted to know about bubbly, but were too afraid to ask! Why is champagne so expensive? What is the difference between champagne, cava, crémant and prosecco? What should I look for on a label? How long should I keep a bottle? What food should I serve with it? Where can I buy good value-for-money sparkling wines?

This masterclass is led by Cynthia Coutu, a certified wine professional who was voted Best Wine Tasting in Paris in 2018. During the masterclass you will learn about:

  • the 6 different ways of making sparkling wine
  • the countries/regions and their grape varieties
  • the factors that affect quality, style and price
  • buying, storing, serving and pairing sparkling wine with food

You will figure out what type of champagne you prefer and why, discover how to get the best bang for your buck, and you will get answers to all of your questions. You will taste 4 different champagnes made by women that illustrate the different types of grapes, terroirs and winemaking methods.

A generous selection of French delicacies will be provided so you can try pairing them with the different styles of champagne.

You will learn tons and have fun!


Cost: 75€ for Delectabulles members and 90€ for non-members.



  • Registration is limited to 6 people. Men can register as long as they are accompanied or vetted by a woman.
  • Exact address will be provided upon registration, but it is near metro Motte-Piquet in the 15th.
  • Don't eat before you come. I am renowned for serving generous portions!
  • If this date doesn't suit you, happy to host a private workshop for you and your friends. Minimum 5 participants.

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