Workshops about Champagne


Learn and have fun.



Delectabulles offers fun and practical:

  • workshops about champagne and other sparkling wines from around the world
  • tasting workshops on more specific themes (e.g. regions, grape varieties, methods, etc.)

Both are ideal for networking, team-building, and wedding side-events.


If you are an individual woman, or a small group of girlfriends, you can sign up for one of the scheduled courses listed in the Calendar of Events.


If you are a larger group, and want us to organise a private workshop about champagne, just send us an email with dates you would like and number of participants.


In either case, during a typical course you will learn:

  • very practical information that you can put to use the next time you buy a bottle of bubbly
  • how to best store and serve your sparkling wines
  • insights into what you like and why
  • fun facts to share with friends, family, and colleagues (especially about the role of women in the history of champagne)




"A fantastic, fun and surprisingly educational evening. I already put my new knowledge to use buying a quality brand of family made champagne in a local caviste, much cheaper than the big brand I normally buy". Catherine

"Such fun and so much interesting information. I absolutely loved it! I love the way Cynthia is so laid back about the subject and yet she is so professional and really knows her champagne. It is refreshing when so many people in this business can be the opposite". Christina

"A really fun and informative evening! Loved Cynthia's presentation, loved the champagne and met such a great group of women". Jennifer

"Extremely interesting and enjoyable evening. Cynthia is an expert both in champagne and in how to communicate technical information in an enjoyable down to earth manner. She lifts the curtain on the mystique of bubbles to show that everyone can learn about champagne. One evening with her means that I now feel better equipped to make informed choices on what to buy." Lynn

If you Google Delectabulles, you will find many more testimonials on my Google business listing.

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