Delectabulles: Empowering Women One Bottle of Champagne at a Time





Delectabulles supports women in the male-dominated wine industry by:


  • only using champagnes made by women 
  • only taking guests to visit Champagne Houses where women play an important role
  • telling the stories of the women behind the bottles
  • giving more women the tools and confidence they need to buy sparkling wines from around the world


Did you know?

70% of wine purchases in France are made by women (86% in the USA)

40% of wine estates in Champagne are managed by women (27% in the rest of France)

25% of wine experts in the world are women


Bubbly Badasses: Women in the History of Champagne - Recording of Webinar


From Feb 18 to Dec 31

Women have played a key role throughout the history of champagne. They were enthusiastic consumers in the 18th century and innovative producers during the 19th century. They also kept the champagne ship afloat during two World Wars in the 20th century. And like a champagne bubble, they are moving onwards and upwards during the 21st century. You can now purchase a recording of my most recent live webinar on the topic.

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Private Groups

Private Champagne Workshops and Excursions to Champagne


From Nov 01, 2023 to Dec 31, 2024

Looking for a fun team building activity? Want to celebrate a birthday online? I offer fun and personalised webinars about the “King of wines, and the wine of kings”, in-person workshops in Paris, and off-the-beaten path excursions to Champagne.


Chocolate and Wine Workshop


Oct 04, 2024
From 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Are you a chocolate-lover AND a wine-lover? If you want to learn about the concept of terroir in chocolate, how to taste it, and which type of chocolate pairs better which which type of wine, join me and Lisa from Tarts & Truffles for a fun workshop exploring pairing chocolate and wine (white, red, sparkling, fortified).

Click here to find out more or register via Tarts & Truffles website

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Here is a list of champagne houses/producers that have a soft spot in my heart because women play an important role there.

Recommended champagnes

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