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From Nov 01, 2023 to Dec 31, 2024

Location 75015, Paris

Back by popular demand! Come try pairing a selection of fabulous cheeses with 5 different champagnes made by women. 

Cheese and Champagne Workshop

Cheese and Champagne Workshop

A glass of champagne, a slice (or two, or three) of Brillat-Savarin cheese, some crusty French bread, and I am in heaven. If you are a cheese-lover, a champagne-lover, or both, than this workshop is for you!


When you are invited to a French person's place for dinner, you will likely be served a red wine when the cheese platter is brought out, but... When you treat yourself to a French Michelin starred restaurant, the sommelier will usually recommend a white wine. That is because white wine pairs much better with most cheeses than red wine, and champagne is the ultimate white wine to pair with cheese.


Come have fun pairing 5 different champagnes made by women with a selection of at least 5 different cheeses. Between sipping and tasting you will learn why champagne pairs so well with cheese, and how to predict which champagne will pair better with which cheese. 


Cost: 600€ for 1-5 participants, and 100€ for each additional participant.

Duration: 3 hours


  • Maximum 11 people. Send me an email to request a date and time. 
  • Exact address will be provided upon registration, but it is near metro Motte-Piquet in the 15th.
  • Don't eat before you come. I am renowned for serving generous portions!

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