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From Sep 07 to Oct 27

Location Champagne

Join us for a fabulous day hiking in the vineyards in Champagne. 

Hiking and Tasting in Champagne

Hiking and Tasting in Champagne

If you need some fresh air and exercise, why not join Cynthia from Delectabulles for an off-the-beaten path trip to Champagne?


VineyardsDraft Program

8:10: Rendez-vous at Gare de l'Est train station

8:30-9:30: Train to Champagne, introduction to champagne (method, grape varieties, styles, history, etc.) during the journey. Exact destination will depend on day of the week we travel.

Morning: hike in the vineyards 

Lunch: champagne picnic in the vineyards. I will supply glasses and champagne.

Afternoon: more hiking, cellar visit and tasting. Exact grower or house we visit will depend on day of the week we travel. We might also be able to visit a cultural or historic monument along the way.

17:00-18:00: train to Paris Gare de l'Est.

Duration: total of 10 hours 


Notes: you will need to bring water, picnic lunch, mask. Limited to 6 participants for health and safety reasons.

Cost: 200€/person for Delectabulles members, and 225€/person for non-members. Includes train, taxi, cellar visit and tasting, champagne during the picnic, my guiding services.

How to register: send me an email at to specify which days you are available, number of participants. As soon as I have at least 3 participants who want join I will create a page for you to register and pay.

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