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Note: events are open to both men and women, members and non-members. Men must always be accompanied by a woman for in-person events, but not for online events. Please ask if in doubt.


From Nov 01, 2023 to Dec 31, 2024

Location Online, Paris, Champagne

Looking for a fun team building activity? Want to celebrate a birthday online? I offer fun and personalised webinars about the “King of wines, and the wine of kings”, in-person workshops in Paris, and off-the-beaten path excursions to Champagne.

Private Champagne Workshops and Excursions to Champagne

Private Champagne Workshops and Excursions to Champagne

If you would like to learn more about the “King of wines, and the wine of kings", I would love to share my knowledge with you.


I offer bespoke online classes, in-person workshops and off-the-beaten path excursions to Champagne in English or French, and for both men and women for:

  • team building sessions
  • birthdays and anniversaries
  • get-togethers with family or friends
  • vacations

What makes me a little bit different is that I only use champagnes made by women, and I only take people to visit houses where women play an important role. It is my small way of supporting women in a male-dominated industry.


Champagne workshops in Paris

Here are a few of my most popular ones:

  • Champagne Workshop: From Grape to Glass: Everything you wanted to know about bubbly, but were too afraid to ask! Why is champagne so expensive? What is the difference between champagne, cava, crémant and prosecco? What should I look for on a label? How long can I keep a bottle? What food should I serve with it? Where can I buy good value-for-money champagnes? Read more..
  • Champagne and Cheese Workshop: You probably don't need a description for this one, but you will have fun pairing 4-5 different champagnes with a selection of at least 5 different cheeses. Between sipping and tasting you will learn why champagne pairs so well with cheese, and how to predict which champagne will pair better with which cheese. Read more...
  • 50 Shades of Pink Workshop: You will learn about the two different methods for making rosé champagne and I will give you the tools to figure which type of rosé champagne you prefer and why, and tips for pairing rosé champagne with food.
  • Shop, Sip and Snack Food Tour: If you are a champagne-lover and a food-lover, travelling alone or in a couple, then this experience is for you! Read more...
  • Yoga and Champagne: one hour of Vinyassa yoga followed by one hour of champagne-tasting.


Excursions to Champagne

I can either accompany you as a guide, or just organise the program and all the logistics. Cost will depend on number of participants and program.

Here are some of my most popular excursions that of course include tastings:


Online classes

For the online classes I develop personalised content for you based on your level of knowledge about champagne and what you what like to get out of the session. Depending on the topic, some are more interactive than others. The cost for a private session is 250-400€ depending on the duration and content. Unlimited number of participants. 

Here are a few of my most popular lectures:

  • Pairing Champagne and Food
  • Bubbly Badasses: Women in the History of Champagne
  • Champagne Dreams: How to Plan Your Trip to Champagne

And here are a few other topics:

  • Sparkling Wines from around the World
  • Opera and Champagne: the Perfect Pairing
  • WWI and Champagne: the Darkest Hours

In most of my webinars I usually provide useful tips like: 

  • Serving tips: storage, chilling, opening, shape of glasses, etc.
  • Factors that affect the price of a bottle: village, non-vintage vs vintage, type of producer, ageing time, etc.
  • Factors that affect aromas and flavours: grape variety, soils, vessel used to ferment, vessel used to age reserve wine, etc.
  • Differences between champagne and other sparkling wines: Prosecco, Cava, Franciacorta, Sekt, etc.
  • History of le champagne (the wine) and la Champagne (the region)
  • Women in the history of champagne
  • How to improve your smelling and tasting skills

I use Zoom to host the classes. If you need some help choosing a bottle, I would be happy to make personalised recommendations based on where you live. I have compiled a list of houses where women play an important role

When it is time to crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, you will impress your friends with your new knowledge!


Please send me an email at  to discuss your needs and I will try my best to make your champagne dreams come true!

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